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M. Lekkakos delivers facials for every skin type. Each facial is tailored to each client's individual needs, and is based on powerful, moisturizing and active ingredients that are derived from the sea and natural plants. Our team of Aestheticians will consult with you for the proper skin diagnosis and we will advise you on personalized, professional skin care treatments.

All facials include a complimentary foot, hand, scalp, and décolleté massage and are eligible for a discounted hair blow dry service for $35.

Signature M. Lekkakos Facial

Breathe new life into your skin with pure marine oxygen to restore youthfulness and beauty. The Signature M. Lekkakos Facial uses traditional European techniques, coupled with Thalgo’s natural, sea-derived ingredients that are rich in amino acids and vitamins. This treatment begins with a thorough skin analysis followed by deep cleansing, exfoliation and removal of impurities.
60 minutes – $100

M. Lekkakos Gentleman’s Facial

The sea is a source of vitality, freshness and well-being, and for men, the M. Lekkakos Gentleman’s Facial combats aging, stressed skin that is subject to razors and neglect. Using the natural ocean extract, “Algue Bleue Vitale,” combined with steam, exfoliation and deep pore cleansing, it stimulates cellular renewal to maintain suppleness and elasticity.
60 minutes – $100

Ultrasound Facial

The Ultrasound Facial is ideal for dehydrated, eczema, rosacea, mature and acne-prone skin. It combines the Signature M. Lekkakos Facial with SonoCare technology, to vastly improve one’s skin texture and yield long-lasting results.
90 minutes – $160

Rebalancing Marine Facial

Ideal for acne-prone, oily or combination skin, the Rebalancing Marine Facial detoxifies using nutrients rich in minerals and antioxidants. These trace elements assist in deep pore cleansing, purification of tissue and the rebalancing of oil production for immediate results.
75 minutes – $120

Hydra Moisture Source Facial

Suitable for all skin types and ideal for harsh winter months, restore supple, soft and smooth skin with this unique hydrating treatment. Amino acids and collagen protein fights dehydration and improves skin’s texture, yielding fresh skin that will leave you feeling like a new person.
75 minutes – $130

Clear Skin Facial

Ideal for sensitive, rosacea, eczema and menopausal skin, the Clear Skin Facial renews using marine plant extracts and White Tea. A cool mint mask is applied to dramatically reduce redness, refine and relax tension lines.
75 minutes – $135

Wrinkle Control Facial

Red algae extract enriched with vitamins treats wrinkles at the cellular level, restoring skin’s strength and elasticity. Proven to smooth and reduce the depth of wrinkles by an average of 75%.
60 minutes – $150

Thalgo Terre & Mer All-Natural Facial

Ideal for men and women who are concerned about the environment and are looking for a safe, neutral and effective skincare solution to treat their skin, our 100% organic Thalgo Terre & Mer all-natural facial will breathe new life into your skin using rich Mediterranean sea and plant life. Active, certified organic essential oils and preserved algae will cleanse, exfoliate, hydrate and massage your face to give it exactly what it needs to safely repair and renew. Includes a customized mask and massage of the face, arms, décolleté and scalp.
45 minutes – $150

Ensellure Back Facial

The Ensellure Back Facial targets an often-neglected part of the body that is prone to problem skin. This facial retones and creates a luminous glow using steam and deep cleansing. It is finished with a customized aromatherapy mask.
30 minutes – $85

Mini Facial

Either to prepare for a special event or for teens, the Mini Facial includes elements of the Signature M. Lekkakos Facial and is a great introduction to proper skin care.
30 minutes – $75

Eye Brightening Treatment

Our exclusive Eye Brightening Treatment hydrates and tones to lessen fine lines, dark circles and puffiness. A great add-on to any M. Lekkakos facial.
30 minutes – $65

Osmosis Medi-Facial with Peel

Reveal fresher, younger skin with this Peel, which is combined with the Signature M. Lekkakos Facial to deliver both dramatic improvements and the ultimate in relaxation. Ideal for all skin types, the Osmosis Peel is an all-natural, organic treatment that infuses 17 of the most active plant and fruit derived antioxidants, along with enzymes, proteins, vitamins, lipids and natural peptide fillers, into the skin. A personalized Hungarian mask rich in herbs, vitamins and moisture completes the treatment. As a result, your skin is able to repair cells and increase collagen production. You will experience improved circulation, free radical sun damage reduction and pigmentation correction. In addition, rosacea and scar tissue melanoma and acne improvement can be expected. Your naturally transformed skin will appear bright and feel new.
60 minutes – $250
Single Osmosis Peel, 45 minutes - $200